David was introduced to Jiu Jitsu in late 2014 by a close friend who had been training for many years. At first it started as just a hobby, but once he was introduced to Abmar Barbosa he was inspired to take the sport more seriously. He has been training under Abmar since the beginning, and hasn’t looked back.

Being in the lightest weight class for competitions and usually the lightest one in the gym, he has a very technical approach to Jiu Jitsu, paying close attention to detail and timing. He likes to break down positions, and tweak them to better fit each persons size and style.

Competition Achievements

Master 1 World Champion

Purple Belt
Master 1 Rooster Pan American Champion
Master 1 Rooster World Master Silver Medalist

Blue Belt
Master 1 Rooster Pan American Championship Silver Medalist

White Belt
Boston Open Light Feather Silver Medalist